Our driving school was founded with the passion and drive to make a difference. We focus on creating confident, safe young drivers.

As a high school history teacher, I find teaching a very rewarding career. One day, a colleague and I were discussing the fact that there were not any driver education programs in our community. That got the wheels of my brain turning, and not too long after, my wife and I began our journey to become certified driver education instructors.

Between us, we have a wide range of driving experiences. We have traveled across the country many times on road trips and have experienced living and driving in metropolitan and rural areas. I was raised in the area and returned to southern Maine after living out-of-state. My wife became familiar with the area while working as a traveling nurse. She moved to Maine when we married in 2009 and we made our way back to Washington County to raise our two children.

We bring also teaching expertise to our driver ed classroom. I am a certified high school teacher, and my wife was a nursing instructor for several years.

Because we are local residents, we have a vested interest in training the next generation of drivers to take seriously the privilege and responsibility of operating a motor vehicle requires. We will weave together a lifetime of unique driving skills we have acquired and the professionalism we have obtained from years of teaching to give our students the skills they need to be safe and confident drivers.

Thank you for choosing Buckle Up Driving School,
Steven and Carol Libby